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How to Redirect a Website to a New Domain with Different Content

Interested in finding out more about redirecting a website to a new domain with different or irrelevant content? You have come to the right place! Read this article and discover more information!

Many people would like an answer to the question – is redirecting a website to a new domain name with different content related to SEO. Even though there has been a discussion about this, allow us to say that redesigning a site and transferring the domain at the same is the search engine optimization or SEO similar to diamond cutting.

The truth is that there are not many ways available to do this the right way while there are an infinite number of ways and methods to get all wrong. So, that is why we have decided to share some recommendations on the domain transformation.

In order to explain the process of redirecting, we are going to use an example so you can understand our point of view more clearly.

Site A has a lot of organic traffic and a lot of content on several topics. Site B had a decent organic traffic and a lot of content on just one topic. Let’s suppose that you have decided to shut down Site B so you can concentrate on Site A. This is a smart decision as you will able to do a much better business this way. The plan is to redirect the content from Site B to Site A URLs (we are thinking about the content that is related to Site A). The content that is not related to Site A which is approximately about 90% of the website, is going to be redirected to top-level web pages. We recommend you to stop here as if you continue you will have to invest an additional amount of money, time, and effort.

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Once the redirection is life, it is normal for the first week the traffic to Site A to increase. However, you need to keep in mind that this may be a false alarm only. In our case, it was hardly the result of visitors clicking on Site B’s URL before Google has an opportunity to demote them. For the next two weeks, we’ve experienced a decrease in the organic traffic which means that we’ve experienced no significant advantages from the move.

It is possible the traffic from Site A would decrease anyway, without doing the redirection because of the competition, algorithm updates, and etc. The point is that the redirection was not worth doing.

However, an interesting fact is that the average bounce rate for Site A, after a few days after the redirection increased by almost 10% over the following two weeks moved back down to the point where it was before the redirection. If you stop for a second and think about it, it makes sense. The visitors were clicking on Site B results and they get redirected to URLS that were irrelevant which exaggerated the bounce rates. That is why the Site B has resulted in lowered rank and the bounce rate returned to its normal point.

This is the best way to demonstrate the redirection of a website to a new domain, it would be totally impractical to explain in any other way. Usually, the outcome of redirecting a website to a new domain with different content is the same, including the URL redirections within a single website, where the website owner does not actually understand the procedure or the disadvantages of the process.

If you want to redirect your website to a new domain, we recommend you to consult with domain migration SEO service provider!